HEKA Incubators first arrived in the UK in 2013. Since then they have sold a wide range of incubators to poultry breeders across the UK, from small starter incubators up to large commercial machines.

Heka have also started exporting to Australia, notably for the AvGen project which is the first import of new breeds into Australia since the 1940s.

Here in the UK the hatching results have been living up to the extremely high expectations, with customers also reporting excellent customer service and support.

Notably, Alan Sims and Ray Dowden, both well respected in the poultry world, are getting 97% to 100% hatch rates with their HEKA incubators.

HEKA were at the National Poultry Show in Telford, showing a selection of incubators from their range. Visitors were pleased to get a look at these impressive machines and many walked away with a new incubator for next season.

A popular take-away from the show were HEKA’s hatching guides, which include provide the full range of settings for getting the best hatching results. The guides include hatching of goose, duck, chicken and bantam eggs and have repeatedly proven to deliver consistently high hatch rates along with strong healthy chicks.

MORE: www.heka-incubators.co.uk

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