In a partnership aimed at advancing wildlife welfare and conservation efforts, conservation charity Nature’s SAFE, which is dedicated to safeguarding endangered species through cryoconservation, has joined forces with Waterhouse Feeds, a leading provider of specialised nutrition for zoo animals.

The partnership recognises the expertise and work of both organisations through wildlife conservation and animal well-being. Waterhouse Feeds, as part of HJ Lea Oakes – a 14 generation family-owned milling business, has been dedicated to providing high-quality, nutritionally balanced feed for zoo animals since providing nutritional solutions to Chester Zoo in 2017. Now, as specialised feed providers, the company supplies numerous high profile zoo collections with specific dietary requirements for individual species.

Nature’s SAFE is a pioneering charity at the forefront of science and technology, providing a safeguard for species at risk of extinction through cryoconservation and the preservation of living cells. Hope for the future of our most unique wildlife is safely stored in a way that can support future breeding populations, and avoid extinction of our most iconic species.

Waterhouse Feeds have pledged £5.00 of every tonne of feed sold to be donated to Nature’s SAFE to support their work Saving Animals From Extinction.

Commenting on the collaboration, CEO of Waterhouse Feeds, Andrew Waterhouse stated, “This partnership exemplifies the power of collaboration in addressing the challenges facing our planet’s biodiversity. Through our commitment to wildlife nutrition, and via this collaboration, we can create a positive ripple effect for the welfare of wildlife and contribute significantly to our broader conservation goals by supporting the incredible work of Nature’s SAFE…”

Caroline Dingwall, Fundraising Office for Nature’s SAFE added: “Nature’s SAFE is driven by a passion for wildlife conservation, and that includes aligning with organisations that look after the health of wildlife. We are thrilled to be working with Waterhouse Feeds and believe together we can make meaningful strides towards creating a healthier, more sustainable future for wildlife.”

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