Moles Seeds

Moles Seeds is pleased to present its 66th annual seed catalogue, which as usual is packed with the best in flower and vegetable varieties from the world’s top breeders.

Their wide product range, which is available to buy online, by telephone or in person, includes cut flower and other ornamental seeds (including wildflower mixes), organic and conventional vegetable seeds, fruit plants, asparagus and rhubarb crowns, artichoke tubers, seed potatoes and onion sets.

The vegetable range has been updated for the forthcoming year and includes over 70 varieties of tomato. New additions are Sweet Aperitif, a prolific indeterminate (cordon) variety producing an excellent yield of tasty bite sized fruits and Indigo Blue Berries, whose fruits ripen from amethyst purple to almost black, with a delicious plum-like flavour.

Brussels Sprout F1 Brodie brings mild, sweet sprouts in time for Christmas and they have strengthened the range of commercial quality organic varieties with the additions of Cabbage F1 Caraflex and Cauliflower F1 Skywalker in an organic format. Borecole (Kale) Black Magic is an improved Cavalo nero with improved bolting resistance and cold tolerance and Leek F1 Warwick has excellent winter hardiness and ideal for November to early April harvesting.

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