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The new Blitz heavy-duty ATV mower range by Rock Machinery was developed to cut some of the roughest type of vegetation. It was tested on their grassland farm on Scottish rushes, thick grass, thistles, nettles, weeds and even a woodland path. It will cut saplings up to about 4cm thick, and worked without fault even in places that had not been cut for 20 years.

A spokesman said: “As a company we strive to make and design products that we know will do the job. We were asked for a machine that could cope in situations where a conventional ATV flailmower could not, so we came up with the Blitz rotary mower.

“It is no problem that a field has been has not been cut in years.

With its unique design blade and drive system, the Blitz ATV mowers are more powerful, reliable , and certainly more easily maintainted than conventional ATV flailmowers,

“The design of the Blitz mowers originated on our grassland farm in Scotland. We tried with several makes of ATV flailmowers on a field that had not been cut for 20 years. None really proved satisfactory. As good as they were, they couldn’t cut this field. A video of the Blitz heavy duty cutting this particular field is available to view on YouTube. Search under Rock machinery Blitz mower.

“When we designed the Blitz we knew a conventional 13 or 15 horse power engine just simply would not have the power needed to cope with the vegetation the mower was expected to cut. After testing many different engines we eventually decided on the powerful and very reliable Lonchin 25hp v twin engine that is centrally mounted, so we have a direct drive to the belt system which gives 3,600 RPM, more than twice the cutting revolutions of a tractor mounted mower which then drives the single steel counter turning blade. What’s counter turning? This is a feature that allows the blade to move the opposite way; then, when it hits something solid like a rock, it doesn’t shred the belts and limits damage to the blades and engine.

“As well as the 4ft heavy duty Blitz, we designed a wider cut 5ft ATV Pasture Topper. This can be used on more conventional grassland, topping grass, nettles, thistles, weeds etc, even the occasional rushes. Both mowers are built on the same mechanical principles, but the Pasture Topper has a 3-twin blade system .

“If you have grassland to mow, choosing either the Blitz heavy duty, or the Blitz pasture topper, should be your first and last choice of mower. It is deal for equestrian, and farm properties , any type of grassland, woodland rides, estates and parkland. If you need a mower, you need a Blitz!

MORE: Rock machinery is based in South Lanarkshire. See


? Lonchin 25 HP 803 CC V-Twin Engine with electric start

? Steel construction

? Cutting height adjustment

? 1.2M heavy duty cut

? Saplings up to 4cm

? 1.5M cut Pasture Topper

? Fully offset adjustable towbar

? Extended throttle

? Large 19-7-8 wheels

? Recoiling blades to reduce damage with you hit a stone

? Twin belt drive system

? SPECIAL OFFER: Save £1,000 on the price of the Blitz

? RRP £3,999 Special introductory offer: £2,999 incl VAT, pdi, and delivery. For more information call 01555 820000.

? TRADE IN: We promise a minimum of £500 trade-in on any mower or ATV. Call 01555 820 000. The item must be brought to us or we can arrange collection at a cost.

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