Leading pest management solutions manufacturer, BASF, has launched its annual survey delving into rodent control on farms across the country, and has called out to farmers to contribute to the research.

The short survey, which takes less than five minutes to complete, aims to gain a greater understanding of how farmers manage rodents on their farms, the common issues they face, and what kind of pest management programmes are currently being used.

With early second-generation anticoagulant baits that contain bromadiolone and difenacoum proving ineffective on many rats, and ultimately contributing to the spread of rodents on farms, it is also hoped that the results will help shed light on what kinds of rodenticides are preferred by farmers as well as identify potential areas of rodenticide resistance.

The results will be compared to the data gathered in last year’s survey, which provides a benchmark understanding of rodent control on farms and offers insight into the changing landscape of rodenticide usage.

All farmers who complete the survey will receive a £5 Amazon voucher as a gesture of appreciation for contributing to a greater understanding of pest control on UK farms.

Laurence Barnard, Country Business Manager for Professional & Specialty Solution at BASF, said: “The data gathered in the survey will enable us to gain insight into how rodent control is currently being managed on farms across the country as well as better understand the common issues farmers face.

“In turn, this will enable us to tailor how we work with farmers to share best practices and ultimately help them control infestations quickly, which will minimise damage to their property and machinery, reduce financial losses and prevent the spread of disease.

“The short survey takes less than five minutes to complete, and we hope that farmers will take time out of their busy days to help contribute to this important piece of research.”

The survey can be completed at https://forms.office.com/e/nYiVZaXBSS

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