Moon Ridge Farm, Devon

If you have never visited Moon Ridge, near Crediton in Devon, as a poultry enthusiast, it is well worth calling in. And if you have visited, you will find much has changed in the last year, with a rush of activity since January.

The new improved and relocated shop stocks everything you need to start you off with poultry and is now much larger, in its own dedicated building. There is a wide range of feeders and drinkers, feeds, tonics, treat and health products, and there are always deals on poultry packages to be had. Lots of parking space, help and assistance, plus a free advice service, adds to the ‘poultry experience for everyone’.

Moon Ridge carry an excellent range of housing, all made in the South West. There is a traditional treated, hand-crafted range with or without incorporated runs, moveable wooden fold units for small numbers and, a best seller, a house designed and built especially for quail.

There is a large range of plastic eco housing all designed and built in the South West, easy to clean , anti-red mite and with a 10-year warranty. They are made with 100% recyclable plastic and prove very popular. All the housing comes with provision for an automatic door opener, again British made.

On the farm, owners Merv and Kate Anstey have finally fenced in the remaining 20 acres with 6ft deer/badger/fox proofing. The wallaby ‘mobs ‘certainly appreciate the peace and quiet, now sharing the five or so acres with various domestic waterfowl and wildfowl, guinea fowl , peafowl, rheas and Patagonian Mara. Out in the paddocks, red deer, fallow deer, pygmy goats, sheep and free-range pigs happily share the grazing.

More shed space has been built in the last two months, spurred on by the avian flu restrictions, giving more options should further outbreaks require lockdowns.

Huge range

Moon Ridge keeps a huge range of poultry, which is the mainstay of the business. At present, they have lots of Indian runners in lots of colours, Muscovies in chocolate, black and pied, as well as Campbell, Cayuga, Call and Appleyard ducks.

There is a large range of hybrids for sale all year around as well as Pekin bantams and one of the largest selections of guinea fowl and peafowl. There is also a huge selection of wildfowl presently making their home at Moon Ridge.

Quail are hatched year around and everything from fresh eggs by the dozen to the hundred dozen can be supplied. Fertile eggs can be ordered in the online shop and posted or can be collected. Moon Ridge also sells days-olds via collection from the farm and of course plenty of POL. Whether it is a few as pets or a couple of thousand for commercial egg production, Moon Ridge breed, rear and supply year round from their own carefully selected ‘closed flocks’ of Italian , Japanese and golden giants.

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