How to be prepared in smallholding

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Get your smallholding in shape this spring with equipment from the biggest yard maintenance brands. Faulks & Cox Ltd, parent company of Tubtrugs®, WM.Faulks®, Tyre Rubber™ and Gorilla Broom®, offer a wide range of products in a variety of bright colours, suitable for all farming, gardening and domestic needs!

Keep your animals happy by feeding them out of Tubtrugs® Flexibles; available in a variety of sizes and colours, there’s a tub for everyone. If you’re after something a little more heavy duty, look no further than the Tyre Rubber™ feed skips. The range is both flexible and strong, meaning no matter what your animals do to them they won’t get damaged or split.

The Gorilla range features the award-winning, one-piece plastic shovel. Lightweight and durable, it really is the ideal tool around your smallholding. The innovative Gorilla Broom® range benefits from an anti-clog channel, integrated scraper blade and bristles which soak 0% fluid – it makes cleaning up a breeze.

The Tubtrugs® Tidee™ Companion Set is a multifunctional tool, great for mucking out, tidying in the house and general yard use. The large scoop makes cleaning up more efficient, whilst saving your back from bending with the long-handled rake and broom.

Fix fencing, chop wood and hammer nails with the WM.Faulks® range of high performance tools. Offering everything from post rammers, hole diggers to axes and sledgehammers, WM.Faulks® will help you get your job done.

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