MARCH 20, 2009: A group of Welsh sheep farmers have become a big hit on YouTube after their video of ‘extreme shepherding’ was put onto the video website.

Armed with a flock of sheep, a camera and some LEDs the video shows the group of farmers – named the Baa Studs – creating a series of hilarious scenes on the side of a Welsh mountain. Published as a viral advert for TV manufacturer Samsung, the video shows the sheep recreating the classic 1970s arcade game ‘Pong’ as well as repainting the Mona Lisa using nothing but sheep, lights and technical wizardry. Viral marketing through internet videos is becoming increasingly popular, and while viewers can’t be certain just how much trickery was used to create the advert, the farmers involved are fast becoming an internet phenomenon. Published on Monday (March, 16), the video has already achieved well over 1 million hits on YouTube, and has appeared on news websites across the world.

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