MARCH 17, 2008: Thieves have stolen 40 rare breed poultry from a smallholder in Derbyshire.

Matlock police are investigating the theft of the Orpington poultry from Rowsley Bar, Chesterfield Road, on the night of March 10.Owner Jane Hutchinson said: “Not only did they steal poultry but many more items, so they must have been around for some time loading up.”They must have been some sort of van, to get all poultry and tackle in. The police have said this is becoming a problem with the rare expensive birds.””The thieves seemed to know where things were, so I feel that they had possibly been in or watched the field. Nearly all the poultry fencing was taken, along with batteries and energisers. They even took rat poison and poultry mite powder in large tubs.”The birds stolen included:Black Orpington, 11 months cockerel with pullets at point of lay. Exhibition, top bloodline birds.Splash cockerel, 11 months, with pullets at point of lay. Two blue cockerels, 11 months. Exhibition, top bloodline birds.Five gold laced cockerels, approx 22 weeks, and 15 pullets, at approx 22 weeks, two had green leg rings on. Exhibition, top bloodline birds.Large gold laced cockerel about 18 months old with hens, same age. Exhibition, top bloodline birds. One large splash cockerel 18 months old and four gold hens, Two lemon cuckoo Orpingtons about 16 weeks.Four Citrus Sablepoot bantams, two cocks and two hens* More details can be found at, or call Jane Hutchinson on 01629 814085 or e-mail enquiries@orpingtonsuk.comMatlock Police can be contacted on 0845 1233333.

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