AUGUST 20, 2010: If you have been reading Tim Tyne’s pages in recent issues of Country Smallholding, you will know all about his pony, Tiki, and trials of the saddlechariot to carry out work on his small farm.

Now Tiki has been given a test of a different sort – completing a 200-mile charity trek from Exeter to central London. The inventor of the saddlechariot, Simon Mulholland, embarked on the journey to raise money for an Exeter-based charity, Bookcycle. He needed two ponies for the trip – and Tim offered Tiki to help out. Simon, with companion Lee, called in at the Country Smallholding offices in Exeter before setting off. He said they planned to take 10 days on the journey, travelling mostly on canal towpaths. They also aimed to test a special saddlechariot for disabled people. Simon said Tiki had made a promising start. “He is a super little pony – really laid back and calm.” MORE: See Simon’s blog at

PICTURED: Simon Mulholland with his saddlechariot and pony Obama outside the offices of Country Smallholding in Exeter. Tim’ Tyne’s pony Tiki was also on the charity journey to London.

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