FEBRUARY 20, 2009: Millions of tonnes of agricultural residues and silage could soon be adding power to the national grid after the establishment of a biogas task group was announced by Defra minister Jane Kennedy during the NFU’s annual conference.

The task group will deliver an implementation plan for the AD Shared Goals strategy which builds upon the NFU’s own vision of 1,000 biogas plants on farms by 2020, processing silage, manures and slurries. NFU renewable energy adviser Dr Jonathan Scurlock welcomed the announcement which could see farmers and growers producing more than 4.5 per cent of the UK’s renewable energy target over the next 11 years. “The NFU has been instrumental in working with Defra on these plans to boost the UK’s capability for anaerobic digestion,” he said. “This vision for agriculture and waste management is a step in the right direction and we look forward to working with Stephen Lea of the Chartered Institute of Waste Management to implement these shared goals for anaerobic digestion.”

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