JAN 17, 2014: From April 2014 sheep and goat keepers in England will be able to use a new Animal Reporting and Movements System to electronically report their animals’ movements.

The system will provide a voluntary online flock/herd register for smallholders who wish to use e-reporting. The service will be free. ‘On’ and ‘Off’ movements are created online and the owner’s register is automatically updated. A printable copy of the transaction is generated, which should be moved with the livestock. For those who cannot access online registration, the current paper documents are being redesigned and will be centrally recorded from an office in Milton Keynes, rather than through the local Animal Health office. There will also be a PDF version available to print out. At the time of writing, there are no further details, but all registered keepers should receive notice of these changes by March and further details will become available at www.arams.co.uk. This new service is for England only. Scotland already has an electronic system and Wales is planning one.

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