FEBRUARY 1, 2008: Many farmers are suffering losses, despite the news that farming incomes have been estimated to have risen over the last year, according to UK Liberal Democrat Countryside Spokesperson, Tim Farron.

“Whilst the total income from farming is estimated to have risen over the past year, farmers in many sectors are suffering big losses because of outbreaks of foot-and-mouth and bluetongue,” Mr Farron said.”Although output is up by 10% this is off-set by higher costs, such as a huge rise in the price of animal feed, which is up by nearly a fifth.”The future for egg farmers looks particularly bleak, with incomes on specialist poultry farms taking a huge hit.”The price of eggs may well have risen, but the benefits do not filter down to the individual farmer while the supermarkets rake in huge profits. Across the industry, total income per farm is still only £13,349.”

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