SEPTEMBER 17, 2010: The British Kunekune Pig Society holds its first annual pedigree show and sale on Sunday, October 31.

Held at Barton Hill Farm in Hereford – the home of society chairman Wendy Scudamore – showing starts at 1pm, with the sale to follow. Admission is free and refreshments will be available. Exhibitors can arrive Saturday evening or on Sunday morning, and there will be space for caravans and trailersfor those staying overnight. “The driving force behind it is my determination to try and separate the unregistered ‘rubbish’ from the pedigree registered decent stock,” Wendy explains. “We have finally got the herd book up and running again and I think we really need to concentrate our efforts now on quality rather than quantity. I hope an annual show and sale of pedigree stock will help to do this.” For more information, ring 01981 240749.

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