FEBRUARY 20, 2009: A farmer faces a bill of �800 after more than 20 fridges were dumped on his land.

David Moore of Manor Farm, North Walsham, Norfolk, is regularly forced to clear fly-tipped car tyres and garden waste from his family’s 300-acre farm. But the latest rubbish to be dumped on his land is the worst yet and could cost him �800 to remove. Mr Moore said he had looked into claiming on his insurance to have the 22 fridges removed, but with a �5000 excess it was cheaper to pay the clear-up costs himself. And with the credit crunch forcing people to use cheap, unofficial operators, he fears the fee may be the tip of the iceberg in the coming months. The Country Land and Businesses Association said it shared Mr Moore’s concerns about farmers having to cover the costs of clearing waste. It said it was lobbying government to allow farmers to take fly-tipped material to recycling centres without being charged. Sally Smith, CLA regional spokeswoman, said famers had a “constant battle” with fly-tippers. “Things have been bad for the past few years, since rules at tips became more stringent,” she told North Norfolk News.

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