DECEMBER 3, 2008: Government indicators just published show encouraging signs for the  health of England’s  wildlife.       

Theeight indicators cover public attitudes to biodiversity, nutrientlevels in rivers and lakes, salmon stocks and the abundance of speciessensitive to climate change.       

For the six indicatorswhere there is sufficient data to make a judgement, all show upwardtrends, including an improvement since 2000 in the quality of riversand salmon stocks. 


They also show an increase in the number of people volunteering for  wildlife and visiting nature reserves and woodlands. 


The eight indicators are:

     Headline  Indicator : public attitudes to biodiversity;Changes  in abundance of climate sensitive species; Public  enjoyment of woodland in England; Number  of visits to nature reserves in England;Volunteer  time spent in biodiversity conservation and citizen science activity;Membership  of biodiversity organisations in England;Nutrient  levels in rivers and lakes in England;  andWater  and Wetlands Indicator W6:  number  of rivers in England  with sustainable salmon stocks      

All  51 indicators and previous assessments are available at:


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