MAY 5, 2008: A plan to reduce the environmental impact of milk production has been drawn up by dairy farmers, processors and retailers.

The Milk Road Map, launched by junior DEFRA minister Jeff Rooker, sets out the environmental targets the dairy industry hopes to reach by 2020.For dairy farmers, this will include cutting greenhouse gasses by 20-30%, recycling more waste and increasing the amount of renewable energy used.Other steps for the industry include recycling milk bottles and cutting water and energy use.The Road Map was drawn up by the Dairy Supply Chain Forums Sustainable Consumption Task Force, which included members from DEFRA, Dairy UK and the NFU, as well as retailers and processors.Lord Rooker said the Road Map provided a major new tool to allow the dairy industry to continue to cut its environmental impact.Delivering on the targets contained in the document will be a significant achievement, he said.

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