JUNE 16, 2008; Discarded tyres Defra today launched a consultation on how to target criminals who profit from polluting the environment by illegally dumping waste.

Illegally dumped waste can be found anywhere, from roadsides and lay-bys to private land and can range from large domestic items such as fridges and mattresses, to garden refuse and tyres.Environment Minister, Joan Ruddock said:“Fly-tipping poses a serious threat to humans and wildlife. It damages our environment and spoils our enjoyment of our towns and countryside. There are a large number of rogue operators out there claiming to dispose of waste responsibly but then dumping it in public areas. These are the people we’ve got in our sights.”Removing the waste costs individuals and local authorities large sums of money and – depending on the type of waste – can be hazardous to clear up. The proposals will give local authorities and the Environment Agency new powers to stop, search and instantly seize vehicles suspected of being involved in fly-tipping and other waste offences. Offenders who do not come forward risk their vehicles being crushed. The consultation closes on 8 September 2008

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