APRIL 9, 2008: A new consortium is to be launched in Scotland that will jointhe forces of over six hundred scientists to help streamline researchinto animal diseases.

According tothe BBC news, the Easter Bush Research Consortium has experts fromRoslin Institute, Scottish Agricultural College, Moredun ResearchInstitute and Edinburgh University.

A two-day conference in Edinburgh from Monday will mark the EBRC’s launch. The BBC says delegates will address issues such as the spread ofdiseases and how to meet the increasing demand for livestock whileminimising environmental impact. Professor David Hume, director of The Roslin Institute, which recentlyjoined with the University of Edinburgh, said the new set-up wouldcreate one of the largest concentrations of experts in animal lifesciences in the world. Research within the EBRC will look at effective disease controls andtreatments, food safety, animal welfare and sustainable management offarm animals. A major focus will be on the role that genes play inanimal health.

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