Finding insurance can be a complicated process, especially for busy smallholders. We spoke to H&H Insurance Brokers for tips on finding the best cover for your smallholding

When thinking about insuring your smallholding, it’s hard to know where to go to find quotes or what farm/smallholder insurance actually covers.

We spoke to Paul Graham, managing director at H&H Insurance Brokers for tips on how to get peace of mind with the right smallholding insurance.

Where can smallholders find insurance cover?

Insuring a smallholding is a tricky task as each is completely different; the complicated requirements can leave a smallholder underinsured and at risk. However, there are insurance companies and brokers whose expertise lies in providing specialist cover for small farms and smallholdings.

H&H Insurance Brokers have over 30 years’ experience in farm and rural insurance, with a purpose-built smallholding policy that can be customised for individual farms. The new on-demand online quoting system means that even hobby farmers with full time jobs can get covered without having to wait around on the phone.

What will a good smallholders’ policy include?

No two smallholdings are the same: they include a mixture of elements from farm equipment, livestock and contents for farm buildings but also private dwellings. These all need to be covered by a policy making insuring a smallholding a complicated process with lots of pitfalls. A good insurance company should fully cover these things, and be flexible with the needs of the owners.

The Smallholder Protect insurance policy, a trading name of H&H Insurance Brokers, typically provides cover for Agricultural Buildings, Livestock, Household Buildings and Contents, Public Liability and Employer’s Liability. Paul explains: “Working with trusted partners, we have come up with a policy that provides the right covers for smallholders from all walks of life.” Liaise with a dedicated insurance expert who will work with you through every step of the process.

How easy is taking out smallholders insurance?

Finding a company that will cover your unique smallholding with a watertight policy can be complicated, but if you find the right company, it needn’t be so. Find a company who will consider every aspect of the policy to make sure that you are covered when you need it most.

H&H Insurance Brokers have implemented a new system to provide immediate cover, which means no time-consuming and tiresome hunting directly with insurance companies and makes it so much easier to find the right insurance. “The advantage is there for the customer to go online anytime and put in their quote details and buy at a time that suits them,” says Paul.


H&H Insurance Brokers are farm and rural specialists providing tailored cover for smallholdings, rural properties, agriculture, livestock and more. With a traditional, personalised approach and 30 years’ experience, H&H have specialists in all areas of agriculture and farming to provide high quality advice and trusted cover.

Visit the website and let H&H find the right policy for you.

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