May is a dangerous month – high daytime temperatures and late frosts


Place straw under strawberries to raise it above the soil and prevent damage. Consider netting all fruit which is regularly damaged by birds.


Potatoes are not natives to the UK and cannot cope with cold weather so earth up regularly and cover them entirely whenever frosts are forecast.

Pinch out the tips of broad beans to encourage bushy plants and discourage the black-bean aphid which loves these plants.


Lower the cutting height and increase the frequency of mowing to encourage development of finer grass species and inhibit weed growth.


Sow hardy annuals seeds in in rows outdoors using small twigs as markers to avoid them being mistaken for weeds.

Insert twigs and small branch prunings between tall-growing tall herbaceous plants. These will be provide support but remain hidden once the plants develop.

Protected cropping

Ventilation, temperature management, watering duties and pest and weed control all need careful attention this month.

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