British Whites are very popular cattle with smallholders – and you can see them at events around Britain in coming months

From the strong history of the breed at the Royal Norfolk to the brand new inclusion of classes at the Great Yorkshire, you will be able to see British White cattle in all their glory at many agricultural shows and events up and down the country this year. A hardy beef breed with outstanding mothering ability, the British White is incredibly popular with both smallholders and larger enterprises alike due to the way the cows produce easily calved, fast-growing progeny which will finish on grass alone – perfect for beef with excellent flavour and marbling.

Despite being relatively small in number compared to many of the continental breeds, the British White Cattle Society (BWCS) members make a great effort to display their cattle at events nationwide in order to showcase this wonderful rare breed to the public. It is hoped that there will be a great turnout for the newly instated breed classes at the 2014 Great Yorkshire Show, where BWCS regional representative Andrew Fisher has been drumming up support for the breeders to put on a large display at this well-established and highly regarded event.

Wherever they may be in the country, it is encouraging to see the way that the breeders are always more than happy to chat to people about their cattle, to educate the public on where their food comes from and the fun to be had and friends to made through being part of the BWCS. After all, for many summer show-goers, these events are their chance to have a few days away from the farm after a long winter of hard work – even if it is a bit of a busman’s holiday!

MORE: To find out where you can see British Whites out and about this year, visit the ‘Forthcoming Events’ page of the BWCS website:

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