£555 prize from Flyte so Fancy

Would you like to move your chickens around the garden or paddock with ease? Do your girls stare up at you forlornly whilst pointing at the patch of green grass on the other side of the lawn?

This month, renowned makers of poultry housing, Flyte so Fancy are linking up with Country Smallholding to offer you the chance to win one of their superlative mobile chicken coops, the Dorset Ranger Six.

The Ranger is large enough to house a flock of six hens with a built-in 6ft-long secure run on the front, to the value of £555.

Built from pressure-treated Scandinavian redwood and using only the finest fixtures and fittings, the whole coop lifts from a handle at the end of the run and, thanks to an ingenious counter-balance system, can be simply moved to pastures new.

Visit the Fyte so Fancy website to see the Dorset Ranger in all its glory.

The company has been making top quality hen houses in its Dorset workshop for almost 14 years and is now widely recognised as one of the leading suppliers of everything ‘chicken’ in the country.

This stunning prize will be delivered partly built on a pallet and all that is needed to finish its assembly is a cordless screwdriver and a cup of tea.

MORE: To see more of Flyte so Fancy chicken coops, call 01300 345229 for a brochure, email info@flytesofancy.co.uk or visit their website www.flytesofancy.co.uk or their shop in Dorset.

To enter the competition see page 10 in the Poultry section of our April issue.

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