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Make your own delicious apple juice with this attractive cast iron cross beam press from Vigo Presses, suitable for pressing crushed apples. Country Smallholding has teamed up with Vigo to offer this prize to a lucky reader!

The Vigo 12 Litre Cross Beam Press holds about 11kg (24 lbs) of crushed fruit and can press up to 4.5 litres (8 pints) of juice a pressing.

Simply swing the crossbeam to one side, fill the basket with crushed fruit, swing the cross beam back into place and turn the handles so that the pressing plate squeezes down the crushed fruit. The juice will flow through the basket slats into the juice channel.

The press can also be used to extract juice from crushed pears, grapes (provided the skins are broken first), and other crushed soft fruits, such as raspberries and elderberries.

Using Vigo’s Classic Crusher you can crush the apples directly into the basket of the press, as the crusher can be placed on top with the cross beam swung to one side. With the press and Classic Crusher, two people can easily produce about 13.5 litres (3 gallons) of juice an hour with very little effort.

MORE: See www.vigopresses.co.uk for more about crushing/pressing, and the different ways you can preserve your juice – if you can resist the temptation of drinking it all straight from the press!

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