10 £35 prizes to be won!

Country Smallholding and easichick™ have teamed up to offer 10 readers five bales each of their popular award-winning poultry bedding. Each prize has a retail value of £35.

easichick™ is a bio-secure wood fibre bedding made specifically for poultry. It was originally developed to improve the health and well-being of commercial birds, in turn improving yields for farmers, but is now available for smallholders and hens at home too.

Poultry keepers who use the super absorbent bacteria free bedding say it lasts longer than shavings or straw, needs mucking out less often and is great for keeping muddy runs dry. It is available in easy-to-handle 10kg bales from many equine and country stores around the UK and online.

easichick™ is guaranteed to be:

• Biosecure – making it free from harmful bacteria which can damage your birds and their eggs;

• Absorbent and free-draining;

• Dust free;

• Biodegradable;

• Easy to use;

• Warm & comfortable for your birds.

easichick™can be disposed of in the same way as all other litters, or it can be spread on your garden or farmland.

More and more poultry keepers and smallholders are realising that not only does easichick provide a healthier environment for their birds to live in, but it also cuts down the amount of cleaning out they have to do because of its super absorbent qualities.

MORE: See www.easichick.co.uk for information and testimonials

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To enter, see page 5 in the Poultry section of our January issue, on sale now and Page 8 in the February issue of Your Chickens

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