Prizes worth £294 to give away!

Having yet to perfect the technology of tiny umbrellas for chickens, Flyte so Fancy is offering you the chance to win two of their Chicken Shelters. Enter now for the opportunity to win either a 4ft wide Large Shelter (retail price £165) or a 3ft wide Small Shelter (retail price £129) to give your hens somewhere dry and snug during this winter of torrential rain and gusting winds (they also offer shade in the baking summer heat!).

The chicken shelters come with an internal perch to provide a seat during the day and metal hooks so you can hang feeders or pecking blocks. The overhanging roof provides maximum shelter for all who take refuge within, while a ventilation gap prevents the unit from being blown over.

Tucked away in a sleepy Dorset vale, Flyte so Fancy have been building housing and shelters to keep hens dry and secure for well over a decade. The Chicken Shelters are part of Flyte so Fancy’s range of outdoor perch and activity centres, designed to keep your hens fit and happy. Built from solid pressure treated timber, the shelters are made to withstand whatever the British weather may throw at you and your hens.


To enter, see page 5 in the Poultry section of the March issue of Country Smallholding, on sale now, or on page 8 of the April issue of Your Chickens, on sale from February 17. Both magazines are available at

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