We are giving away 10 books, each worth £35!

Country Smallholding is giving away 10 copies of an acclaimed new book, Viable Self-Sufficiency, by two of our veteran writers, Tim and Dot Tyne.

Publishers The Good Life Press describe Viable Self-Sufficiency as the most comprehensive guide to living off the land since John Seymour’s seminal work published in the Seventies, The Complete Guide to Self-sufficiency. “It will be as equally inspiring, grounded and practical to the new generation of self-supporters,” they say.

“This thorough reference manual covers all aspects of self-sufficiency for a new century, bringing the subject completely up to date, based on Tim and Dot’s own years of experience and learning. Each of the extensive sections is underpinned by the practicalities of managing your land and household to maximise returns, with the ultimate goal of making your smallholding financially viable while giving you and your family the lifestyle you desire.

“Aimed at both dreamers and realists, this blueprint for sustainable living will be a constant source of instruction and inspiration, enabling you to tap into the author’s vast experience to learn just what can be done, and often more importantly, what’s just not worth doing.”

Read more about this fabulous 450-page book, and enter the competition, in a special feature in our June issue, on sale now. You can buy CS online at: www.buyamag.co.uk

TO ORDER A COPY of the book see http://homefarmer.co.uk/store/viable-self-sufficiency-book

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