A great little tractor for the smallholder

Known for their simplicity, strength and fuel economy in 75 countries across the world, Solis Tractors are now starting to make their presence felt in UK – and they make an ideal buy for the smallholder.

The tractors, built in India, are very good value for money with prices starting at £5,995+ VAT for the Solis 20 model and the Solis 26 retailing for £6,995+ VAT. Both models come fitted as standard with a three-cylinder Mitsubishi diesel engine offering great power to weight ratio. As a smallholder you may only require a tractor two or three times a month, so more than likely you don’t want an expensive piece of machinery sitting in a shed or garage.

For the smallholder, Solis offer an inexpensive but reliable way into owning a tractor. They can be fitted with a wide range of implements from rotavators, chippers, mowers , trailers , log splitters all powered by the rear mounted PTO. This flexibility of use means that they could be a one-stop-shop for someone with a mixed use smallholding or can be shared amongst friends. The simplicity means that anyone can be quite comfy driving after only a few minutes of study.

Andrew Whelan, of Solis UK, said: “We recently sold a Solis to an allotment society where they had all clubbed together and had been been given a grant by a local company to help as well.

“The tractors come with a warranty for parts and labour for the first year to give you peace of mind. They have full metal construction, with no fibreglass, so if you are inexperienced and have a bump very unlikely to do much damage. They can also be registered for road use.

“Being a new and relatively unknown name to the UK market, Solis plan to have a presence at shows across the UK alongside their dealers at local venues or by themselves at shows such the Midlands Machinery Show, LAMMA and a return to the Game Fair.

Solis is the brand name of International Tractors Limited. The company was founded in 1969 and started producing tractors in 1995. It makes 250 tractors a day, 80% of which stay in India and rest are exported around the world. A new manufacturing plant is due to open and then the company will produce upwards of 400 tractors a day.

Solis have appointed Solis Tractors UK as the importer to the UK. They have been travelling up and down the country signing up dealers to the range. They are still a few more areas of the country where they are looking to appoint dealers, so if your interested contact Andrew Whelan ( andrewsolisuk@gmail.com or call 07585 777919 for more details ).

MORE: solistractors.co.uk

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