‘The Rookies’, Adam Willcox and Andy Richards, who write for Country Smallholding, are to be featured on ITV’s Countrywise programme in October

Two writers for Country Smallholding have been filmed for the ITV programme Countrywise.

Adam Willcox and Andy Richards, who write for the magazine as ‘the Rookies’ will be featured on the programme in October.

The pair started writing for the magazine in 2012 soon after buying a plot of land at Corris in Snowdonia National Park.

The former townies – they hailed from Bournemouth – have been sharing the joys and challenges of getting up and running as ‘good lifers’.

Other more experienced CS writers have been helping them with advice, and one, Tim Tyne, who also lives in north Wales, visited them to share his knowledge.

Adam said: “The filming was a surreal but fun experience. It was great to be asked questions about our last two and a bit years of smallholding. It made us realise how far we’ve come. The morning began with torrential rain which kept most of the filming inside – and then at lunchtime it turned into the most beautiful sunny day. The crew got great shots of the animals, the polytunnel and the area.

“We also got to talk about the wonderful community of smallholders we’ve met and become part of since we started writing for CS.”

Adam and Andy plan to write about the filming in detail in the October issue of CS.

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