The Oxford Real Farming Conference (ORFC) is supporting a first of its kind event in Bristol at the end of this month. From 29th September-1st October, Bristol will host the Planet Local Summit, a gathering of hundreds of localisation advocates and activists from six continents.

The Planet Local Summit is borne out of Local Futures, a non-profit organisation founded by Helena Norberg-Hodge. Helena, an untiring advocate for localisation, was inspired to take up this work after witnessing the joyous culture of Ladakh, a region untouched by globalisation, in 1975, and how this changed for the worse as the Himalayan community later became part of the global economy.

A pioneer of the worldwide localisation movement, Helena strongly believes that communities should take charge of their own economies, instead of being dependent on distant corporations for even basic needs. She argues that the globalisation of the economy has taken us further and further away from connection to community and nature, and that a system-wide shift towards localisation can restore these deep connections.

Helena will be joined by cutting-edge thinkers, writers, policy makers and activists to address the critical issues of our time at the Planet Local Summit. Keynotes, dialogues and panels will cover topics including the food and farming revolution, climate, carbon and colonialism, community and connection, and global trade.

The Planet Local Summit has also partnered with iconic Bristol street artists, Inkie, and Silent Hobo, to produce a 600 ft mural on the wall of the Tobacco Factory in celebration of the Planet Local Summit (photo attached, credit to Upfest). Local organisations have organised 10 pre-summit events to highlight the best of Bristol, including farm open days, community dialogues, and food tours.

Colin Tudge, co-founder of ORFC, says, “As the world burns and floods and the world’s most powerful people continue to offer more of the same, it becomes more and more obvious that the world really does need a complete re-think and very significant re-structuring. What’s needed are the kind of ideas and the kind of grassroots movements to be introduced and discussed at “Planet Local Summit”, to be held in Bristol on September 29 to October 1 this year.”

Helena Norberg-Hodge, founder of Local Futures, says, “This is about a paradigm shift, as well as a growing worldwide movement that offers inspiration and hope to people who are hungry for change.”

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