News and views on machinery are featured in every issue of The Country Smallholder. Tractors old and new are invaluable to smallholdings and in conservation work as the ‘heavy lifters’, while highly manoeuvrable RTV utility vehicles are developing year on year. We asked a leading machinery manufacturer, Kubota, about their range.

They told us: “From mowing to vegetation management, loading materials to towing a trailer – whatever the task, there is a Kubota for all seasons. With class-leading features combined with unrivalled reliability, Kubota’s range of utility vehicles, ride-on mowers, and compact tractors help increase productivity, reduce workloads and save costs – the perfect choice for year-round smallholder tasks.”

RTV utility vehicles
Their compact size, impressive off-road capability, sizeable towing capacity and generous payload means they can move bulky cargo and tow implements and trailers in areas inaccessible by other vehicles.

GR & G Series ride-on mowers
High-performance range of cut-and-collect mowers that perform their mowing tasks quickly and efficiently for a professional-grade finish.

L1 & EK Series compact tractors
The compact, robust and reliable L1 tractors (38-55hp) deliver high torque with enhanced manoeuvrability, simple operation and all-day comfort. Perfect for smallholdings and equestrian use, the new entry-level EK1-261 26hp compact tractor combines simple operation and powerful performance. The EK1-261 comes with a 5-year Kubota Care warranty as standard – delivering total peace of mind supported by Kubota’s nationwide dealer network.

For more information
To find out more about the Kubota range visit or contact your local dealer.

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