Elanco Animal Health is inviting sheep farmers, vets, and RAMAs to join its autumn Access to Knowledge (A2K) online workshop on Tuesday 19 September at 12:00pm.

The ‘Up Your Worm Game’ event will provide insight on the benefits of proactive worm control to flock health, productivity, and profitability, while providing practical tips on collecting faecal egg count (FEC) samples and interpreting test results.

“Worm control is a major challenge for the sheep industry, and undertaking FECs to monitor worm burdens and anthelmintic resistance is crucial to protect the efficacy of wormers for the future – a topic that’s the core focus of our A2K webinar,” says Matt Colston, ruminant technical consultant at Elanco.

Hosted by Cammy Wilson, from The Sheep Game, there will be a series of educational sessions from industry experts including:

  • Ben Strugnell, from Farm Post Mortems, an independent vet with a special interest in farm animal pathology, will be providing an update on the disease challenges he is currently seeing out on-farm
  • Dr Frank Turnbull, science and relationship manager at digital diagnostics company, Techion, will discuss trends in worm egg counts throughout the UK
  • Joseph Henry, vet partner from Black Sheep Farm Health, will cover the benefits of effective worm control

Webinar attendees will also be talked through the FEC sample process from start to finish by a range of speakers including National Sheep Association ambassador farmer, Perry Parkinson, and Northern Irish farmer Clement Lynch.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions to the expert panel of speakers, alongside Matt Colston, Elanco’s technical consultant, at the end of the webinar.

For more information about the webinar, and to register, visit www.myelanco.co.uk/brand/a2k.

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