Bozedown Alpacas, based in Berkshire, has two exciting new Suri studs arriving this spring from the USA.

These are TSSS Kahuna’s Jetstream and Pucara Puresuri Tikanui’s Ice King, a son and grandson of that famous genetic powerhouse Pucara Kahuna – fabulous new bloodlines for the UK. Only 30 outside services are being offered to these studs over the next three years, of which 25 were already taken up during the Classic Event held at Bozedown last September.

This time of year we are looking forward to seeing this year’s ‘crop’ of new crias arrive – always an exciting time. Our show team has already been selected, so we’re halter-training the youngsters and making sure they are well-behaved ready for their first experience in the show ring. This year our alpacas did not appear at the BAS National Show in early March, as Mary-Jo Smith from Bozedown Alpacas was one of four official judges. However, you will be able to see us at the Heart of England Spring Alpaca Fiesta on April 16-17, and the South of England Show on May 1-2.

Through 27 years breeding alpacas, with careful record-keeping and implementation of findings, we have greatly increased pregnancy success rates, improved cria strength and attained higher weaning weights. So the breeding females we offer for sale are a sound investment. Also on offer: pets and stock guards with great fibre! Please call MaryJo on 0771 875 0303.

We always enjoy introducing newcomers to alpacas, and our Beginners’ Days give us an opportunity to do this. We run these throughout the year, and they are a great learning experience covering all the basics. Our next Beginners’ day is April 13. Please see our new website for lots more information.

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