MAR 6, 2013: A breeder is hoping to introduce Little Swedish Pigs onto the outdoor pet pig market this year.

Wendy Scudamore, a well-known pig breeder from Herefordshire, carried out research in Sweden before starting the project. She says the pigs are “healthy, happy and genuinely small pigs”. Wendy has been one of the most vociferous opponents of the sale of so-called ‘micro pigs’ as pets to be kept indoors. There have been cases where these animals have grown enormously and have even damaged owners’ homes. But Wendy says the ‘Little Swedes’ are different – that they are small pigs that do genuinely stay small. She studied photographic breeding history going back four generations. “They are unlike those being sold in the UK as ‘micro pigs’ which continued to grow and grow.” Wendy, author of Small-scale Outdoor Pig Breeding, is adamant that lone pigs should not be sold and that they should never be kept as pets in people’s homes. MORE: See Liz Shankland’s interview with Wendy on page 20 of the April CS.

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