MAR 6, 2013: Guidance on choosing a compact tractor, with Siromer Tractors of Preston, Lancs

Guidance on choosing a compact tractor, with Siromer Tractors of Preston, LancsPurchasing a tractor is a fairly big investment which requires careful consideration. As the best name in small tractors, Siromer suggests two main things to look for when choosing a compact tractor. Naturally the tractor itself You need to decide on the basic specification of the tractor and its capability at doing the jobs you need to do. For instance there is no point buying a large tractor if you require manoeuvrability in a small area. Power steering and 4WD are a necessity these days; a creeper gearbox gives the range of speeds required with a compact tractor. Will the tractor adapt as you develop your business or smallholding? For instance, will it take a loader in years to come if you need one, will you be able to change those agricultural tyres for grassland tyres if you need to mow lawned areas, can the tractor be registered for use on the road? Make sure that you are not being sold extras that are not really necessary and may prove troublesome later on, for example synchromesh and hydrostatics on small tractors – keep it simple, this will also help with future maintenance. Equally importantly the supplier Assuming everything matches the essential specification features, it is easy to think only about price when buying a compact tractor, but whether operators are professionals who earn their livelihoods from their tractors or individuals needing a tractor to maintain their smallholding or grounds, Jeff Howard Managing Director of Siromer Tractors believes that reliability, parts availability and good service back up from a dedicated dealer network should play a strong part in the decision making process. Do you have a dedicated local dealer, a supplier 100 miles away is unlikely to be able to give as good a service as someone local to you. Ensure the supplier is well established, it is easy enough to start selling a product but more difficult to stay in business, you do not want to find yourself unable to get parts a couple of years down the line. Don’t be fooled by huge discounts there is for sure a reason behind them and salesmen are not normally associated with charities. Make sure parts are readily available; the easiest way to check out your suppliers history with service and backup is to ask to speak to a tractor owner local to you. If the supplier has not sold a tractor within 15 miles of you it might be worth thinking again. * For more information please contact Siromer Tractors on 01253 799 029 or visit the website

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