JANUARY 13, 2008: The first shipments of breeding ewes have gone to the EU following the resumption of live exports.

About 700 breeding ewes, mostly Mules from the North of England, were due to go to France and the Netherlands over the Christmas period.

The orders result from the presence of the English Beef and Lamb Executive (EBLEX) at the SheepTec and SIA fairs earlier in 2007 supported by the hard work of the pedigree sheep breeders.            

EBLEX Export Manager Jean-Pierre Garnier was quoted as saying: “We are pleased at the rapid re-start of our valuable export trade in breeding stock.           

“We have an excellent reputation worldwide for the quality of our breeding stock and we would anticipate our sheep genetics exports to start to accelerate in January, despite the obstacles linked to the BlueTongue Virus situation.

“The restoration of our breeding stock exports is another important step in helping to generate alternative revenue streams for some of our hard-pressed livestock farmers.”

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