JANUARY 2008: The British Horse Society (BHS) has condemned a Buckinghamshire horse establishment where more than 30 horses have been found dead.

The BHS – Britain’s largest horse charity with a membership of  more than 106,000 – voiced its support for the work of the horse rescue  charities that resulted in the raiding of the yard in Amersham, from  which around 80 surviving horses are currently being rescued.

Thirty-one horses were found dead at the site and three more  have been subsequently humanely destroyed. It is likely to be some time  before the full extent of the loss of horse life is known.

BHS Welfare Senior Executive Lee Hackett said: “The horse  welfare community is deeply shocked by the extent of what has happened  in Buckinghamshire. We wholeheartedly condemn any mistreatment of  horses and ponies. Mistreatment on this scale is unprecedented in  Britain – the true horror of the situation is only now becoming clear.

“The collaboration between welfare charities to rescue these  horses has been fantastic. Clearly there needs to be a full inquiry  into the circumstances behind this case. We must use these terrible  events to make sure this kind of carnage never happens again.”

The British Horse Society condemns all mistreatment or neglect  of horses and works tirelessly through a network of welfare officers to  respond to reports of welfare concerns and provide education to  horse-owners and the general public.

For more information, please contact: Lee Hackett, Welfare Senior Executive, on 07808 141007 (mobile) or 01926 707804.

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