Q – Our ‘free range’ garden rabbit has decided that the best place for her toilet is right outside the back door! OK, I can sweep the poo up, but it is a bit unpleasant, especially after rain. The real problem is the wee. I never knew that rabbit wee was so stinky! I’ve tried discouraging her, but don’t want to frighten her too much as she is a sensitive soul. I’ve also tried one of those deterrent sprays they sell at pet shops for cats and dogs – but she seems to like it! I’d be very grateful for any suggestions please.

A- Rabbit urine is strong smelling since they use it for territorial marking and courtship. Put a litter tray where she is toiletting and, once she is using this, move it slowly over several days to a more suitable place. You will also need to remove the scent from outside your back door as she will return to where she has toiletted before. Bleach is probably the most successful disinfectant – any of the others just masks the scent a bit – but obviously block the area off when you are doing this. If your back door area is wooden there will be greater difficulty in removing the smell due to it having permeated the wood.

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