We help to choose the right breed of chicken

Question: We’re going to take the plunge and get some chickens next spring. Our problem now is deciding which type to get. We’ve looked in books and online, but there is so much choice and everybody in the family wants something different. Is there anywhere we could look at the different breeds without feeling obliged to buy?

Answer Anne Perdeaux says: It’s a good idea to do your research before buying, and you are in luck as a major poultry show is coming up. On December 17-18, the Federation of Poultry Clubs Championship Show (known as the ‘Fed’) will be held at The Staffordshire County Showground (http://federationpoultryshow.weebly.com/). The show will have a huge variety of breeds and opportunities to speak to a range of experts too. Alternatively, there are many other exhibitions, large and small, held throughout the country. Shows tend to focus on pure breeds, and you could also try attending a poultry auction. A large sale is likely to include many different types of chickens, including hybrids, and provides an interesting outing – but don’t be tempted to buy your first chickens from a market!

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